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Abbatoir effluent treatment, DAF and the rest!

We often get a call to cover a staff shortfall, mainly due to long term sick leave etc and we are more than happy to oblige, it pays the bills of course! it also give me a wide range of experience across many sectors in the waste water industry.

More often than not, after a few days on site, it becomes clear that there are other pressing issues that need to be addressed, and this is one such example.

The plant was relatively new, albeit shoehorned into too small a building, but clearly lacked for attention and budget!

The main focus was to build up a critical spares list, vital replacement parts for pumps and valves, spare meters and probes etc, all were detailed and listed down to part number, lead time and supplier.

We couldn't force the customer to buy everything but at least they made a start!

Then we set to the operating manual, currently AWOL, and desperately needed for training, some of the operators had tasks across the factory and would need a go to document if called in, especially on a night shift.

Modern tech is great! a written guide with added iPad videos and stills to make it easily comprehensible and accessible from the plant room itself.

We finished off with a full report on the operation of the plant, a few recommendations to add some robustness to the process, its a fact that night shift production always varies from day-shift and always puts more strain on a plant like this.

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